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Heavy Running and Defense Help Cobras Squeak By the Combat Orcas

Erik Chin Carrying Cobra's Offense in Game 1

In a game where both teams accumulated less than 200 of total offensive yards, Cobra's defense came through with a shut out, allowing the Cobras to get by marginally with one touchdown and a field goal.

Polo Wu provided the change up in Cobra's run game

The game started with the Cobras defense shutting down the Orcas with a three and out, an occurrence that was all too familiar for the Combat Orcas through out the game. As the Cobras came on for its first offensive drive, the Combat Orcas defense seem unprepared, and within the first half, the Cobras was able to score a touchdown and had a pair of field goal opportunities, where one was good and other was blocked.

After half time, the Orcas defense made adjustments to offset any mismatches the Cobra's offense had, and with fatigue setting in, Cobra's offensive production stalled, and they failed to visit the Orca's red zone again.

Ben Wong and co. pressured David C. for most of the game

In a game where offenses struggled, it came down to the defense to provide the winning factor, and the Cobras defense did just that. The Cobras defense completely removed the Orcas running game, and that forced the Orcas to pass the ball on the Cobra's terms. As a result, Combat Orcas could not sustain a drive that would allow them the opportunity to put up points. Ultimately, this allowed the Cobra's to squeak by the Orcas in game 1.

Next game the Cobras will face their rival, the Warhawks. A much stronger team compared to their week 1 opponent. Will the Cobra's defense be able to repeat their stellar performance again? Will the Cobra's offense be able to show more than their power running game? Stay tuned.

- Cobra's Contributor

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