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Cobras Offense Fails to Find the End Zone, Warhawks Takes the Win

Polo Wu making the best of what little space he can find.

Cobras came into the game with the flexbone offense, and it failed to produce any results as the offensive unit gained less than 50 total yards in game 2. The Warhawks game plan was to stack the box and challenge the Cobras to pass. Its game plan worked as intended as Cobras offense was only able to connect on one pass.

Alpha Chia defending a jump ball.

The Cobra's defense continues to be the bed rock for the team, hold the Warhawks to less than 15 points. The defense conceded the two only touchdowns of the game on run plays. Considering the Warhawks have been excelling in the pass game, this can be viewed as a hollow victory for the defensive unit as it continues to carry the team.

With another poor performance from the offensive unit, one starts to wonder what the playoff picture looks like for the Cobras.

- Cobra's Contributor

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