President- Barry Chen

The President is the leader and visionary of the team He is in charge of managing and meeting organizational goals. He is responsible for communicating and managing the other four committee heads to ensure tasks are done on time. The president will make operational decisions.

Head of External Affairs- Jeffrey Mui

The HEA is in charge of all matters relating to the external aspect of the team.

Head of Internal Affairs- Ben O'Neill

he HIA is in charge of all matters relating to the internal aspect of the team.

Head Coach- Lebbeus Lam

The head coach is responsible for putting together a coaching plan, executing the plan for the year, and managing other coaching staff members.

Head of Business- David Oberlander

The Head of Business is in charge of business development, managing the finances of the team, and keeping financial records of transactions.

Recruitment Manager- Benson Man

Recruitment Manager is in charge of managing recruiting events and help new players integrate with the team smoothly.

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